Dodgers: Jon Heyman Weighs In On Anthony Rendon’s Free Agent Destination

Right now, the battle cry for Anthony Rendon to the Los Angeles Dodgers is getting louder. For example, ESPN’s Jeff Passan says that the Andrew Friedman regime has never been higher on a free agent than that of Rendon.

Obviously, as long as Passan is making the statement carefully and accurately; that should bode well for those who want to see the Dodgers make a run at Rendon.

Wednesday on twitter, Jon Heyman and Josh Lewin posted a quality baseball podcast that is worth a listen if you have time. Moreover, I did some skimming for you so you could get the pertinent Dodgers’ info within the content.

First around the 8:57 mark, Heyman begins to weigh in on where Rendon will play next. Obviously, as I comb through this audio; you want to hear him say the word ‘Dodgers’ somewhere. However, that isn’t what happens.

“From what I understand, the scouts in the room [for the Washington Nationals] and the people with the Nats felt they could absorb the loss of Harper. As great and as famous as he is, they have Soto, Robles and Eaton. They were set in the outfield. Losing Rendon will be difficult for them, and I think it could be one of those cases where he re-signs with his old team. We’ll see, every now and then that happens. It’s rare when they get to this stage they shop and go to the highest bidder. Texas I think is a good bet. There are five or six teams, Angels, Philadelphia, and Atlanta among them; who need a third baseman.”

Remember, as much as Heyman covers baseball; he isn’t on the Dodgers’ every move like the ‘Nation. Already, we mentioned that Justin Turner is willing to change positions if the Dodgers sign Rendon. In an off-the-cuff setting like a podcast, Heyman simply may not pencil in third base as a need for Los Angeles. Still, if you can get an Anthony Rendon; you do it and you figure out the rest later.

Finally, MLB Insider Mark Feinsand joins the podcast towards the 31 minute mark. Obviously, I waited for Feinsand to say that Rendon would land in Los Angeles or simply whisper the magical word that has me thinking of blue. However, the moment never came. The teams that Feinsand ended up talking about were Washington and the Texas Rangers in regards to signing Rendon.

Still, keep the faith if you’re part of the Dodger faithful. Trustworthy people like Jeff Passan could be reporting the Dodgers’ on the ten yard-line with Rendon in just a few short weeks.

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