Dodgers: Andrew Friedman Loves Gerrit Cole and Anthony Rendon, Per Jeff Passan

Is this the year, folks? Will Andrew Friedman and the Dodgers’ ownership empty their pockets for star third baseman Anthony Rendon and/or ace Gerrit Cole? It appears that this might be the most likely off-season that they do so.

According to Jeff Passan of ESPN, one of the most reputable insiders around Major League Baseball, Dodgers president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman has his sights set on the biggest names in free agency — namely Anthony Rendon and Gerrit Cole.

Here is the quote, courtesy of Ralph Mason Jr.

”I don’t know that there have been free agents of that caliber since Andrew Friedman came to Los Angeles that the Dodgers have liked as much as they do Gerrit Cole and Anthony Rendon.”

Passan shared this thought on ESPN LA’s Morning Show with Keyshawn, LZ, and Travis on Wednesday.

Early indications point to the Dodgers actually opening the pocketbook for players other than their own for the first time under the Friedman regime. While recent history demonstrates that the Dodgers do ‘due diligence’ and then ultimately do not pull the trigger, this might be different. Ultimately, there is no reason for Passan to blow smoke.

Gerrit Cole might be a once in a generation free agent starter and simply put, the Dodgers would be stupid to pass on him altogether. For Anthony Rendon, while he does represent a seamless fit for the defense, he is also a major talent in the midst of his prime. On Wednesday, Passan doubled down on his feeling that Rendon to LA could very well happen.

What do you think? Do the Dodgers actually make the moves necessary to win a World Series or do they do more of the same? Buckle up… this will be a long and weird off-season.

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