Dodgers: A Slimmed Down Tyler White Posts Picture on Instagram

Dodgers 2019 trade deadline acquisition Tyler White made waves on Tuesday afternoon after posting a new picture on his Instagram feed. Moreover, White was found looking noticeably different from the last time Dodger fans may remember seeing him… we’ll let the image speak for itself.

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Always a great night when Chuck puts on a show

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Yes, the Dodger first baseman recently celebrated his 29th birthday and is seen here looking to be in great shape. A side note that may have escaped the minds of some Dodgers fans, but yes, White is still on the 40-man roster and remains with the club. Additionally, with David Freese having recently retired, the right-handed batting white is the current incumbent righty bench bat for the 2020 team.

Nevertheless, where this story takes a turn was with a conversation I had with someone close to White and his girlfriend Alli. This tweet expresses the shortened version of the point.

When discussing the then-newly acquired infielder, I had brought up the playful nickname for White coined on our Blue Heaven Podcast earlier this season — “Chunky Muncy.” It should be noted that there is no malice behind this nickname whatsoever.

The remark elicited a chuckle and came with some added information — please note that these quotes are not verbatim, but rather a clear recollection of a months old conversation that stuck with me.

Tyler’s girlfriend let us know that he unfortunately has a thyroid issue that makes it tough for him to keep his weight down. He’ll work out a bunch in the off-season, then struggles keeping it off during the season being on the road and away from home so much.

Where this story changes is shortly after he came over to the Dodgers.

The Dodgers knew right away about his thyroid issue, so they gave him the medication and a packet with a diet plan — His old team had known about the problem but would put off really trying to treat it right.

People that may have kept something of an eye on Tyler White’s career would quickly tell you that the first baseman has often struggled with his weight. Below we find a tweet from Houston resident Brandt noting as much.

While White was shut down for the 2019 season by mid-August, the hope for the Dodgers and Dodger fans is that it set him on a path toward a healthy off-season and preps him for a productive season in 2020. This, of course, is assuming he remains with the club through the off-season.

Keep up the great work, Chunky Muncy!

On a side note in my proclamation that the Dodgers care about their players, Alex Verdugo’s brother chimed in with this endorsement.

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