Dodgers: Giants Announcer Calls Dave Roberts Prototype Manager for GM Zaidi

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since the San Francisco Giants offered Farhan Zaidi the job to be their general manager. Now, Zaidi looks to put more of his own fingerprints on the organization he now bosses by hiring his own manager to replace legend Bruce Bochy.

Moreover, if you’re wondering what the replacement for Bochy could look like; look no further than Dodgers’ current manager Dave Roberts. Indeed, this is according to Giants’ announcer Mike Krukow; who speculates that Roberts is the ‘prototype’ manager for Zaidi.

First, it seems that someone of high character will be a fit for Zaidi’s club. Equally important, this will be a figure who can control the clubhouse and be a good leader in that sense. Without question, this is a hallmark of Roberts with the Dodgers.

“I think one of the big examples of a manager that is a prototype in the eyes of Farhan is Dave Roberts,” Krukow said on “The TK Show” with The Athletic’s Tim Kawakami. “We all knew Dave Roberts when he was with the Giants and one of the more gregarious souls on this planet, just a really solid, good guy.”

Remember, Zaidi hired Roberts to be the Los Angeles manager in 2015. Since then, Roberts has gone on to win at a .605 clip – and has had the Dodgers in two World Series appearances.

Next, Krukow continued on the qualities that have shown Roberts to be successful; as well as those qualities that Zaidi will look for in his next manager.

“I think that’s one of the things Farhan believes in, is the culture of the clubhouse. And I think the job Dave Roberts has done down in Los Angeles is phenomenal. He wants to have a guy that has a pulse on everybody’s life, all 25. I think Farhan feels that’s the key to chemistry and that’s the key to developing a team attitude and a winning attitude.”

While it remains to be seen if having a talented roster at the fingertips or a ‘winning attitude’ as a manager is the better ingredient for long-term success, Roberts has done something right. Finally, you can look around baseball and see plenty of good rosters who haven’t had the success the Dodgers have had. What this means is something about Dave Roberts that Zaidi identified is just a bit different, and in a good way.

Recently, Bob Geren has been crossed off the list of Giants’ candidates. Obviously, he does not fit the mold of a Zaidi prototype manager.

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