Dodgers: Relief Pitching Identified as Biggest Area of Need for LA in Off-Season by Expert

While Monday marks the beginning of a new season – MLB free agency – teams have the opportunity to match need with commodity on the open market. Therefore, it’s time to examine what the Los Angeles Dodgers truly need most.

Over at, MLB Network Insider Mark Feinsand has done exactly that. Aside from identifying the biggest need for every team in baseball, he believes the most pressing need for the Dodgers is relief pitching.

Within the column, Feinsand explains his reasoning. Moreover, he lists a few top candidates that should be good targets for the Dodgers to make a pass at. Here’s what Feinsand had to say.

Los Angeles Dodgers: Relief pitching

The Dodgers boasted the lowest rotation ERA in the Majors (3.11), and while their 3.78 bullpen ERA ranked fourth in the league, it appears to be the area most in need of a boost this offseason. Kenley Jansen should return as the closer, but adding an arm or two to help get him the ball would improve the 106-win team.

Potential FA targets: Will Smith, Dellin Betances

Obviously, I have mixed feelings on this. Indeed, the Dodgers could use a couple dependable relievers. However, I can’t say that signing both Betances and Smith would make me feel like the Dodgers have done enough to put themselves over the top.

Furthermore, it sounds like Hyun-Jin Ryu is postmarked for a new big league city. That will leave a good hole in the rotation, so referencing last year’s ERA for the Dodgers’ starting pitching is irrelevant; in my opinion.

Finally, I will be thrilled if the Dodgers do add a reliever. Still, I would list starting pitcher (1) and middle-of-the-order thumper bat (1, any position) ahead of that if I was making a list.

What do you feel the Dodgers’ biggest off-season need is? Let us know in the comments below.

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