Muncy, Lux, and More; Dodgers Players Offering Personalized Messages on Cameo

Do you know a huge Dodger fan having a birthday, getting married, or celebrating something soon? This might be the perfect gift for that person. Enter Cameo. Cameo is a website where anyone can pay stars ranging from Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to Caitlyn Jenner and Ice-T to a variety of Dodgers-related people to make customized messages for you.

For example, say your spouse is obsessed with a certain star. If they are in the Cameo database, you can pay Cameo to deliver a message to that star and once the star sees the message, they then send the personalized video to you. It’s awesome. Here is where the Dodgers come into play.

There are quite a few minor league Dodgers, current Dodgers, former Dodgers, and analysts available for purchase. Here is the list of ‘talent’ in the Cameo database with their attached prices:

  • Max Muncy – $40
  • Gavin Lux – $35
  • Paul Lo Duca – $50
  • Steve Garvey – $75
  • Jeren Kendall – $15
  • Errol Robinson – $35
  • Alanna Rizzo – $20
  • Jerry Hairston Jr. – $20
  • DJ Severe – $15

Overall, the prices are not terrible. If you know someone who really loves Max Muncy, they will light up when they hear him say happy birthday to them personally. Cameo is a pretty cool thing to have around.

If you are interested in other Los Angeles sports, the Lakers have Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Smush Parker, Dwight Howard, Byron Scott, Gary ‘The Glove’ Payton, and Quinn Cook available. For the Rams, Marshall Faulk and Isaac Bruce are in the system.

If you’re interested in Cameo, here is the link!

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