Dodgers: Justin Turner Shaves Beard for Wife, Halloween Costume

Almost a year to the day, Justin Turner shaved his infamous red beard. Indeed, I think back to where I was when it happened; and I remember exactly the place and time. Moreover, I was trying to shake off the effects of the World Series loss to the Boston Red Sox and figured Turner wanted to start over with a clean slate or face.

Now, Turner has repeated the act. In the spirit of Halloween and per his Instagram account, the beard is gone. Moreover, Turner is shown dressing up as ‘Chucky’ for Halloween along with his wife (happy birthday, Kourtney!) who pulled off ‘Bride of Chucky’ quite well. Have a look for yourself:

Perhaps next season, we will have a new nickname for Turner; because ‘Chucky Turner’ has a nice little ring to it. For now, Turner is beardless again; and it evokes similar memories to last year with it getting dark around the same time as it did the last time Turner was beardless.

Furthermore, there is once again no baseball ongoing around the league or in regards to the Los Angeles Dodgers. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Really, the same can be said for Turner’s on-field performance in 2019. He finished up quietly with an .881 OPS, .372 on-base percentage, and tied his career-high with 27 home runs. Furthermore, he had a great five games in the NLDS despite being banged up physically.

Truly, there are few negative things that can be said about his play and effort given. He remains the heart and soul of the Dodgers, and surely his beard will return along with the spring and slate of games we all cherish.

For now, he’s still recognizable; and playing the role of television doll villain.

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