Dodgers Front Office Would Need Change in Philosophy to Sign Big Free Agents, Says Gurnick

At this point, the Dodgers are cheap. You can say it. After signing a massive 25-year, $8.35 billion TV deal with Time Warner Cable, you would think the Dodgers would go all-in to win a World Series and sign big free agents to lucrative deals. This simply has not happened — yet. The only big free agents the Dodgers have signed in the last five years have been Clayton Kershaw, Kenley Jansen, and Justin Turner — their own players.

In an off-season that could see big stars like Indians shortstop Francisco Lindor and Red Sox outfielder Mookie Betts traded, the Dodgers need to be involved. With the masterful Gerrit Cole and excellent Anthony Rendon up for grabs in free agency, the Dodgers need to make a play. Will they?

Ken Gurnick of believes that in order for the Dodgers to make a genuine run at one of these players, the front office must change their entire philosophy. At this point, it is very much needed. Here is what Gurnick responded to a fan regarding the situation:

“The Dodgers are always rumored to be in pursuit of every big-money marquee free agent, but under this regime, the club hasn’t signed one from another club. Their biggest contracts have gone to Kenley Jansen and Justin Turner, which maintained the status quo but didn’t improve the club. So it will take a complete change in philosophy for the Dodgers to land Gerrit Cole, Anthony Rendon or another such big name.

On the other hand, complicated salary-swapping multi-player deals are right in this front office’s wheelhouse. That might explain this week’s report by MLB Network insider Jon Paul Morosi that the Dodgers will try to trade for Cleveland shortstop Francisco Lindor.”

The Dodgers should be in on literally every free agent at every area of need from the bullpen to the top end of the rotation. Also, some right-handed power balance in the lineup would be useful.

We will see what the Friedman regime winds up doing this winter, but let’s be honest. It most likely will be more of the same. The Dodgers rumors will swirl, but nothing will come into fruition.

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