Dodgers Hold Highest Odds to Win NL Pennant in 2020

According to Westgate odds, the Los Angeles Dodgers have the highest odds to win the National League pennant in 2020. While it is extremely early, this comes as no surprise to anyone. The Dodgers are set up to find success for the next five years or more and with a ton of payroll leaving the books, they could spend to supplement an already elite core.

The Dodgers are currently sitting at +250 for the pennant with the Atlanta Braves (+450), Washington Nationals (+600), and St. Louis Cardinals (+800) following. As far as division rivals go, the closest team to the Dodgers is the Arizona Diamondbacks with +2500 odds for the pennant — implied at about 3.85%. In comparison, the Dodgers’ +250 odds are implied odds of about 28.6%, easily the highest in the National League.

For the World Series, the Dodgers are tied for second best odds to win, behind the Houston Astros and tied with the New York Yankees. Once again, the three powerhouse teams sit at the top. The Astros currently check in at +500 odds, or about a one-sixth chance of winning the World Series. The Dodgers and Astros sit at +600 apiece, or about one-seventh chance of winning the title. Behind the ‘big three’ are the Atlanta Braves at +1000, Boston Red Sox at +1200, the Washington Nationals and Cleveland Indians at +1400, and the St. Louis Cardinals at +1800 odds.

Vegas seems to firmly believe that it will be one of the big three clubs winning the World Series in 2020 with them taking up approximately 45 percent of the odds.

Let’s hope that the Dodgers not only ‘return’ to the World Series — let’s hope they win it all.

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