Dodgers: Ross Stripling Discusses NLDS Loss and More

While all fans (and yes, even some media) share in the sadness of the Dodgers early postseason exit, the players unsurprisingly feel the pain too.

However, not all players have (or even want) the outlet to speak to the masses after the unexpected loss… but Ross Stripling does. Yes, Chicken Strip — Friend of the Show — and his “Big Swing Podcast” are back, and the Dodger All-Star shared his thoughts on the NLDS loss.

Certainly home weeks before anticipated. We extended our lease through November 1st thinking we were gonna be there, and hoping for a parade and all that good stuff, and it just wasn’t meant to be.

Stripling appeared in only one postseason game so he mostly had a front row seat to the shocking undoing. And shocking might not be enough to explain the weight of the atmosphere.

I know fans, and our locker room, our coaches, everyone… our families… we’re super disappointed and upset. We’ve lost in the World Series the last two years and the locker room when you lose in a World Series is kinda like bummed — you’re sad. This locker room after this loss was just in shock. And there was some anger in there and some disbelief and we just kinda sat there for like 15 minutes in silence almost… then you get up and you start hugging each other and it stinks, man.

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Ross goes on to point out some positives from the series — Walker Buehler’s dominance, Max Muncy getting it done — and the positives to take away from the 2019 season into 2020.

If you can’t watch, give it a listen wherever podcasts are available for streaming.

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