Dodgers Facing Multiple Fan Lawsuits Over Injuries Sustained by Stadium Security

Reports are surfacing that the Los Angeles Dodgers are facing multiple lawsuits over allegations including “negligence, premises liability, assault, battery and false imprisonment.”

First, ABC 7 reported that brothers Jose and Jesus Jimenez are suing over injuries sustained in rough handing by security at Dodger Stadium on April 3. Attorney Peter diDonato stated that “Jose was handcuffed and dragged and suffered some physical injuries as a result of that.”

Jesus Jimenez spoke with ABC 7 on the matter.

LAPD came and handcuffed me and I was sent to jail without knowing what the whole situation was.

His attorney expanded.

If there’s a contention that the younger brother, Jose, may have said something ‘off-color’ — possibly in Spanish — they don’t recall that having happened. Again, they were with their family members.

ABC reporter Anabel Munoz reached out to the City Attorney’s office and a spokesperson offered the other side of the story.

Jesus Jimenez was arrested for battery of a police office but was not charged.

Video from ABC 7

Moreover, this comes with another report involving brothers Steven Douglas Green and Nicholas Ray Green who are suing over mistreatment and injuries sustained at a April 28 game. The Green brothers suffered “disabling pain” after two security personnel allegedly struck them while they were handcuffed and being ejected from the game.

From KNX1070 News Radio.

Although both brothers had tickets to the game, security staff members told them they were trespassing, the suit states.

The Green brothers maintain that they had tickets and were lawfully attending the game. In a prepared statement, diDonato — who is representing both cases — had this to say.

The heavy-handed and improper security policies at Dodger Stadium mandate change from ownership. We invite Dodger owners, including Magic Johnson, to meet and resolve problems for a safe experience at Dodger Stadium for all fans.

A Dodgers representative responded to the lawsuit by stating that the team does not comment on “pending legal matters.”

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