Former Dodgers Star Adrian Gonzalez Surprises High School Players

While I could be writing about the Los Angeles Dodgers against Gerrit Cole in game one of the 2019 World Series, a feel good story awaits.

Moreover, just when you think you have written your final Adrian Gonzalez story; he goes and does something like this. Indeed, ‘this’ is Gonzalez showing up at Canyon High School baseball practice on Monday. Apparently, Gonzalez showed up to the practice as a part of a SoCal Honda Dealers ‘Random Acts of Helpfulness campaign’. Still, it’s a nice gesture for anyone of Gonzalez’s prestige to give up their time for youth.

While the appearance got the high school athletes excited, they didn’t know who was showing up at first. Simply, they just knew it was someone who was a baseball player.

“I had no clue (who it could be),” said Canyon pitcher Jace Root. “Someone screamed out Cody Bellinger or like Max Muncy, but I had no idea. No one came to mind. Once I realized who it was, I was like, ‘Wow that is insane,’” Root, a senior, said.

Then after the appearance to wow players like Root, Gonzalez called his own number. For example, he stepped in the batter’s box and took some batting practice after throwing a round of it to several players.

“It just kind of shows that the type of level you have to be at in order to get there,” Root said. “I’m a pitcher and he was a hitter, so I don’t really correspond, but I kind of learned what a major league baseball looks like. It comes off the bat pretty hard.”

Undeniably, Gonzalez had an accomplished big league career. While he hasn’t officially retired, in parts of 15 seasons, he smacked 317 career home runs with a .287 average. Perhaps this is why when he walked onto the the field at Canyon High School, players took huge notice.

Good on you, Adrian.

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