Dodgers Receiving Community Pushback on 2020 Stadium Renovations

On July 23, the Dodgers announced a $100 million plan to renovate Dodger Stadium, which would be completed in time for the 2020 MLB All-Star Game.

Now, the renovations are underway, but not without some controversy.

The neighboring communities of Chavez Ravine, specifically Solano Canyon, are trying to stop the stadium upgrades and stated their case in a hearing at City Hall on Oct. 22, according to twitter user @Dodgers_Randi.

Randi reported complaints of traffic due to the stadium, as well as the high noise were among concerns for the people in the community. One person also mentioned, “how bright the lighting is on the billboards surrounding the stadium.”

A resident of Solano Canyon, a community neighboring Dodger Stadium, who is against the renovations, cited safety concerns for their community due to fans who drink at the game.

“On any gameday, Dodger Stadium is the largest bar in the city of Los Angeles, serving thousands of alcoholic beverages. This creates an unpredictable situation on our community, and it continues postgames as fans depart even more intoxicated and create havoc on our streets and properties.”

Another person from Solano Canyon said the Dodgers have been inconsiderate to the people who live near the stadium and by not caring about the impact they make.

“One thing I want you to know is, the Dodgers aren’t very good to their next-door neighbor. We’ve asked them time and time again to consider our frustrations and the things that we are deeply impacted throughout the season, and we are shunned over and over again. It’s not fair. The Dodgers are a multi-billion dollar industry and we’re the little dog here.”

Another resident said the Dodgers have been breaking their conditional use permit which prohibits amplified noise and noise pollution. He also said the Dodgers have ignored and brushed off the emails from community members asking them to address the problem.

“In the last 4-5 years, the Dodgers have greatly increased the volume and frequency of announcements and music during each game. They regularly blast this noise at 5-10 minute intervals through each game, disturbing the peace and quiet that we used to enjoy.”

A fourth Solano Canyon resident said traffic around the stadium has “exploded,” causing a “gridlock” on the streets.

Proponents of the plans also spoke at City Hall, citing reasons such as making the stadium more accessible for people and making it more family-friendly.

Another person speaking on behalf of Educational Leadership Institute in LA talked about the ways they have been able to help boys in under-resourced communities and schools because of the Dodgers’ support.

He also added that it should be allowed because it isn’t being paid for by the taxpayers and so many teams are considering moving cities if they don’t get a new stadium while the Dodgers are trying to build up their stadium.

“I know that most teams are holding cities hostage and threatening cities to move. This project is being privately financed which is another reason, I think, you should approve.”

As of now, the plan is to go back to City Hall for another hearing and the Dodgers expect more pushback on their plans as they move forward, according to Randi.

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