Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw is a Fraud, Says Fox Sports Radio Host Ben Maller

Clayton Kershaw consistently underperforms in the playoffs. We know this and have heard about it for years now. However, the media continues to add insult to injury for the greatest pitcher of the generation. This time, Ben Maller of Fox Sports Radio called Clayton Kershaw a fraud.

This narrative has substance, but it is really starting to get old hearing the same thing over and over again.

Maller: Clayton Kershaw is a ‘Stiff’

To begin the radio segment regarding the Dodgers, Ben Maller went on to say that he hates the Dodgers because they are ‘thieves in the night’. He called the entire team ‘stiffs’, before he absolutely hammered Kershaw for his poor performance:

“The game was lost by Clayton Kershaw. This guy is a stiff. I don’t know how many times he has to go out there and do this before somebody with the Dodgers says ‘enough is enough’.”

He makes a decent point. Eventually, enough is enough with October Kershaw, yet it seems the Dodgers have failed to realize it. They continue to put him in the biggest spots to be their savior and he simply has not come through when the club needs him most.

Maller Tells Kershaw to Retire

Although radio hosts like to get a bit dramatic often, Maller really dug deep at Kershaw in this monologue — so much so that he called for the retirement of Clayton Kershaw.

“Kershaw — retire! Keep the ball in the ballpark! Twice! Hall of Famer? My ass. The guy is a fraud. Kershaw has consistently served up warm poop sandwiches in big moments.”

Where Do Dodgers Go Now?

This is a good question that Maller poses. Where do the Dodgers go from here? We won’t find out for another few months, but it appears obvious that they have to make a big move or three.

Kershaw: Old Faithful

Maller also went on to talk about Kershaw as ‘Old Faithful’ the geyser and not in a good way.

“Clayton Kershaw in the playoffs — you put him in there and it’s unreal. People in the media were all groaning in the press box. The entire stadium was murmuring. It’s like everyone was saying ‘Why are they bringing in Kershaw? Why would they do that?’.”

The events that occurred were frankly seen from a mile away.


While Ben Maller was a bit dramatic throughout his rant regarding Kershaw and the Dodgers, there were some points that he made that do have a ton of substance.

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