Dodgers Chatter About Mega-Offer To Gerrit Cole Continues

Obviously, Gerrit Cole has taken shape as the 2020 Bryce Harper for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Already speculated as a Dodgers target, and analyzed by our own; Cole would be any free agency shopper’s dream.

Now, it’s down to that fun part where it’s speculated how much money and for how long. Furthermore, as much was discussed on AM570 LA Sports by Roggin and Rodney on Monday. Click here to give the audio a listen, or read ahead to see the highlights of the segment.

First off – Rodney Peete speculates that if the Dodgers become a player for Cole – it could be at the expense of allowing Hyun-Jin Ryu to walk. Remember, Cole is a Scott Boras client and the figures being thrown around are in the $35 million per year range. Indeed, this is the ‘Bryce Harper money’ being rumored in MLB circles.

“Friedman said the other day, they have some financial flexibility. From a Dodger perspective, you have to figure they’re going to let Ryu go because he will make a whole lot of money. You’re gonna lose two and $32 million dollars. You’ve got the money right there.”

While Roggin and Rodney aren’t just baseball guys, but rather sports guys; they play the part of Dodgers’ front office. And the discussion becomes more interesting when you begin to move around pieces and salaries mentally.

“Will the Dodgers spend that kind of money? I think he is a lights out pitcher and it is like the sweepstakes for Verlander when that was around. And it paid off for the Astros. Giving up the salaries of Ryu and Rich Hill two for one, do you do it? probably.”

Still, at the end of the day; it’s tough to imagine the Dodgers handing out the kind of contract Cole will be able to land. Therefore, you’re right back where we were a year ago with Bryce Harper.

“When you look at Cole, how many years would they be willing to go? If they say they want seven years at $30 million a year, I’m going to have to pass.”

In closing, Cole is the guy I have hitched my dreams to this winter in terms of the Dodgers making a splash. Truly, I think he’s the guy who could put them over the top over the next year or three. However, I believe the duo discussing this on AM570 are spot on. At the end of the day, he’s probably priced himself over the long-haul out the Dodgers’ market.

And with a pitcher, you’re likely paying him those elite dollars for the first few years of the contract. It’s a lot different then with a position player. As the weeks roll by, this won’t be the last of the Cole and Los Angeles Dodgers linked discussions.

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