Dodgers Listed as Potential Trade Partner for Giancarlo Stanton, Yankees by 12UP

In an article published on 12UP titled “4 Realistic Trade Destinations for Giancarlo Stanton if Yankees Decide to Make a Move,” the Dodgers are listed as the second most likely team.

The Dodgers were the class of the NL without Stanton, but they’ve dominated the regular season for three years in a row now only to flatline in the postseason. LA needs to try a little something different in order to get back to the World Series and win it all. With plenty of prospects and players to give away, the Dodgers have as much hypothetical firepower (both with assets and finances) as anyone to get a deal done.

The list started with the Chicago White Sox at four, the Texas Rangers followed at three, the Dodgers at two and the St. Louis Cardinals as the most likely team.

On the Cards front, rumor is that Stanton would accept a trade to St. Louis.

Nevertheless, it would’ve made more sense to title the article, “Four places we’d like to see Giancarlo Stanton traded,” because the chances he gets traded to Los Angeles are next to nothing. The chances Stanton is traded at all are slim to begin with.

Stanton is set to make an average annual value of $25 million until his age 38 season in 2028, when he has a club option or $10 million buyout.

The article seems to be written by a Yankees fan who wants to get rid of their disappointing player and doesn’t know how the Dodgers operate. The Dodgers absolutely have the firepower to get the deal done but that doesn’t make them a realistic landing spot.

If the Dodgers weren’t willing to sign Bryce Harper to a long-term deal in the offseason, they aren’t trading top prospects and locking themselves into that deal for an older player. Especially when the player has serious health concerns. Stanton played a total of 18 games during the 2019 season and re-injured himself in the playoffs.

If the Dodgers want to make a splash this off-season, they could just sign Gerritt Cole or Anthony Rendon, who are both much better players and fit the roster. They would then be able to keep their prospects and improve the team even more.

If they do want to go the trade route, a deal for Red Sox outfielder Mookie Betts or Indians shortstop Francisco Lindor also makes more sense, since both players are rumored to be available.

The only way a Stanton trade could work is if the Yankees eat most of his salary and take back A.J. Pollock. Even then, it’s still a stretch because Friedman and the Dodgers hate long-term deals.

It is very safe to say that Stanton won’t be a Dodger in the near future.

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