Dodgers Coaching Staff Candidates In High Desire Around The League

For the Los Angeles Dodgers, it happens every year. First, the Dodgers win a bunch of games. Then, they make a run in the postseason. Finally, the offseason hits, and their current coaching staff members get picked through by the rest of baseball in hopes of copy-catting a piece of the Dodgers’ blueprint.

Remember in 2018 around this time of year, it was Chris Woodward leaving to manager the Texas Rangers. Hitting coach Turner Ward also took that same position with the Cincinnati Reds.

On Monday, president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman said this offseason should be no different. While that whole process has started earlier than normal, there is a focus on some of the key Dodgers coaching staff members who will be looked at elsewhere for a bigger and better role. Notably, he named Bob Geren.

Furthermore, Friedman was asked if the Dodgers will lose any staff members. Unfortunately, he was not able to just shoot this down; since it’s dependent upon so many other factors.

“I’m not sure.”

Still, Friedman knows what comes with the territory after you win a franchise record 106 regular season games. Already, there’s been a flurry of interest for other teams to interview current Dodgers’ staff members.

Finally, the most interesting part of this post is the number of requests the Dodgers have received to interview their current staff members. Remember, in an ongoing season; teams must grant permission to interview their current staff members.

Friedman said that “at least 13 requests on employees” have been made by other organizations to interview current people paid by the Dodgers.

Indeed, this is a sign the Dodgers are doing something correctly from the top down. And that top down starts with Friedman, and continues all the way down to the people who aren’t named to help in the clubhouse. If you fill your organization with quality people – you will have success like the Dodgers have had. Then, you will have other organizations who want to pick those pieces from your organization and build upon it within their own.

Baseball is a lot like other companies in many walks of life. It will be interesting to see what happens with Bob Geren, and others who are currently Dodgers.

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