Dodgers: Vin Scully on the Shocking Los Angeles NLDS Elimination

Whenever I get the opportunity to write about Vin Scully, I bask in the opportunity. Furthermore – if you have read our bios – you realize Scully is why I became a Dodgers’ fan as a kid.

Then, when I saw this Ross Porter tweet; I paused. Not only because any time I see anything in the press about Vin, but because he’s seen a lot of baseball. Undeniably, if he says it’s the first time he was shocked in watching the game; something very crippling went down.

Indeed, Scully told Ross Porter that the game five elimination of the Los Angeles Dodgers at the hands of the Washington Nationals left him stunned. Perhaps it was also the fashion it happened, with Clayton Kershaw allowing back-to-back home runs to allow Washington to tie the game. Remember, the Dodgers needed only six more outs to advance.

Here’s what the great one had to say:

“I was in total shock. I can’t remember when I was that shocked.”

Obviously, that was a top-five loss all-time in my lifetime. While I told that to several friends, I tried to think about if that was really true; or was I simply overreacting in the moment. Without question, seeing that Scully had this reaction to the game makes me realize I’m not crazy.

Though I have seen about half the amount of baseball that Scully has seen in his wonderful lifetime, this was confirmation that we all just took a gut punch at the hands of the Nationals.

Finally, it’s still really cool to know that the former voice of the Dodgers stays up with us; likely hanging on every pitch. He’s still out there – taking in this sometimes wonderful and cruel game – experiencing all the high’s and low’s.

I would like to think Scully calling the action of game five would have softened the blow. However, it was such a tough loss; I know nothing could have escaped us from this pain.

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