Dodgers: Alex Verdugo Stunned By NLDS Exit; Last Man Standing

If my team is going to lose – in any sport – it’s easier to accept when I know they care. For as long as we have watched sports, there’s always that tragic shot into the losing dugout when a season ends. There he sits, with that same sullen look on his face; the player who becomes the face of a collapse and the curtain falling on a season of possibility.

While I was too busy trying to collect my own emotions in the final moments of the Washington Nationals celebrating the NLDS game five win at Dodger Stadium, I didn’t see who this player was for the Dodgers.

Certainly, lost in the shuffle of managerial decisions and Kershaw home runs allowed; this player exists. Furthermore, it may surprise you.

Pedro Moura of The Athletic reports that it was none other than outfielder Alex Verdugo. Indeed, this surprised me, and I definitely will file it away.

First, I noticed when the Dodgers had a few big moments in game five; Verdugo was out of the dugout and jumping with delight. It might not seem like much, but being a good teammate when you are on the sidelines for injury is a big deal to me.

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Then, learning that Verdugo sat there presumably as upset as anyone on the team about what might of been? Well, that’s moved him up a peg in my book. Furthermore, he had not played since August 4th. Unfortunately for the Dodgers – they could have used his bat in the lineup. In a rookie year that finished up with .294 and 12 home runs, Verdugo will be a key cog going forward.

And things like this should not go without notice. Obviously, he takes pride in being a Dodger even when he’s not able to play. It meant something to him for his teammates to advance.

Good on you, beyond your years Alex.

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