Dodgers News: Max Scherzer Says Nationals Have The Mojo To Take Down Los Angeles

Without question, you have to give credit to Max Scherzer. With a season on the line and the ball in his hand, he delivered against the defending two-time NL champions.

In doing his job, he got extended the season for the Washington Nationals and successfully hands off the baton to Stephen Strasburg. Now, there will be a game five in Los Angeles. Indeed, it’s ‘one game at a time’ time of year. Since game four is over, Scherzer is talking about the series finale.

Moreover, he says that the Nationals have the right mojo going right now to pull off a monumental upset and end the Dodgers’ reign. Jorge Castillo of the Los Angeles Times releases a tweet that captures the quote.

Furthermore, do you know what ‘mojo’ is? If you do, Scherzer says the Nationals have plenty of that going right now.

“We just believe we have the mojo and we can win.”

Therefore, one could hypothesize that the elimination game comes down to mojo versus grit. Simply, that’s how the Dodgers could be characterized at this juncture. While they not only have the advantage of playing at home, they also hold a tremendous advantage from an experience standpoint. Remember, they’re playing a franchise that has never won a postseason series.

Moreover, the Dodgers have been through nine postseason series during the Dave Roberts era. Throughout all of those battles, a team develops a composure and a calmness about them. Unquestionably the 2019 Dodgers have it, fully displayed in the sixth inning that won them game three of this series.

Now, it’s the new challenger with all of the confidence (or mojo as Scherzer calls it) riding high. Will it be enough to knock off the Dodgers and pull off what many would consider to be a monumental upset? The Dodger were around -240 series favorites before this series began, and the NL favorite to make it back to the World Series.

Obviously that can all be thrown out the window now. It comes down to one game, where the a team with mojo and newly found confidence plays a team with determination and grit. Something has to give.

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