Dodgers: Cody Bellinger On Facing Max Scherzer In NLDS Game 4

Finally on Sunday night, Cody Bellinger broke through. While mired in a terrible postseason slump, one must remember that it was Bellinger’s at-bat against Patrick Corbin that got the huge sixth inning going for the Dodgers. Without question, it was that sixth inning that may change the course of the entire 2019 Dodgers’ season.

Now, Bellinger is ready for more. In specific, he’s ready for Max Scherzer on the mound in game four of the NLDS on Monday. Indeed, Scherzer will make his first start of the series today. Remember, he entered game two for an inning of relief and appeared beyond dominant.

Bellinger talked with Jorge Castillo about what it’s going to be like facing Scherzer on Monday in Washington at Nationals Park.

As Bellinger usually does, he kept it simply but effective.

“You know he’s going to be crazy on the mound staring at you. So you got to be ready for it.”

Truly, that’s a good way to describe Scherzer’s demeanor when he’s in the midst of a start. Furthermore, Dodgers’ hitters can expect to see Scherzer stomping around the mound like an insane person, yelling and raging at hitters if things are going well.

In short, spending an afternoon with Scherzer sixty-feet, six inches away doesn’t seem like a good time. However – no matter how complimentary Dave Roberts and his team have been of Washington’s pitchers – Bellinger and company seem relaxed.

Finally, it seems evident that while everyone panicked in the later and waning moments of game three; the Dodgers did not. Patiently waiting out their opportunity which turned into a relief version of Corbin, they attacked with reckless abandon and swung the series.

Now on Monday night, Bellinger and the Dodgers have the opportunity to advance to yet another NLCS. That is, if they can solve the crazy man himself, Max Scherzer.

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