Dodgers: David Freese Discusses Bellinger, Rookies Keeping Him Young

In a recent interview with David Vassegh of AM 570 LA, first baseman David Freese discussed Cody Bellinger and the vigor with which the team trained in for the 2019 season. He also discussed the need for proper preparation heading into the postseason as someone who is more than qualified to do so, citing his postseason hero status with the St. Louis Cardinals.

Here is the link to the full audio, courtesy of AM 570 LA Sports:

Heading In

From day one, David Freese told the team not to think about yesterday, only today. Numerous players throughout the organization have exemplified the same attitude all season long and it has been a key part of the Dodgers’ success in 2019.

“It was just something to get out in the open because we knew how people were going to come in and talk about the last two. We just needed to look forward from day one and we all knew that. I just think it needed to be said and we just focused. It was awesome. We were so focused and we had so much fun, but now the real fun starts.”

A Special Team

Anybody who has watched the 2019 Dodgers knows this team is special in every sense of the word, but Freese sees more with this team in terms of intangibles.

“With the talent comes victories, but there is more to it. This group has it.”

Rookie Praise

The 2019 Dodgers’ season has been largely fueled by rookie production and Freese sees the younger players as the key to their postseason success as a team.

“We had some injuries, but the young guys that came up stepped in and did their part. Those guys are going to help us in the postseason and they are a big reason why we got to the franchise record in wins.”

David Freese on Gavin Lux and Will Smith

Gavin Lux and Will Smith have impressed with their poise and their performance. Freese discussed just how impressed he has been with those two rookies in particular.

“They are not phased. It’s partially who they were before they became Dodgers. Coming up through the minor leagues and learning what it’s all about and how to go about it. Everybody is different and everyone has their own way, but to respect the game like they do and respect the work, it is going to pay off in the end.”

Freese on the MVP-Caliber 2019 of Bellinger

Cody Bellinger has had quite the season — one that might grant him MVP honors. It was well-documented heading into the season that he would grind and put the work in to get back to his rookie season production. He has certainly done that and then some.

“Coming into spring and everybody talking about last year and his ‘down’ .850 OPS. It shows what type of ballplayer he is. He worked hard everyday and what I enjoyed was his focus every at-bat. Defensively, he goes out there and is Mr. Smooth and gets it done. If he wins the MVP, it’s going to be because of that. There was no ‘woe is me’ from Cody. I saw him fighting every at bat and his numbers showed it.”

Team Dynamic

As one of the older veterans on the club, Freese played that role all season long. With his expertise inside of the game of baseball and his postseason successes with St. Louis, he discusses the 2019 Dodgers in the same context.

“These guys keep me young. I’m 36, but this has been such a blast with this group. The ages, the personalities up and down the roster, the coaching staff, the whole organization. I’m just truly grateful about it.”

‘Old’ Guys Rule

Rich Hill and David Freese are the two oldest players on the roster and both of them will be on the postseason roster. He discusses the mental preparation required of a veteran.

“We all have our things that we deal with physically and mentally, but the preparation that you put into it matters. Rich [Hill] has been doing it for fifteen years in the big leagues with other stories around him and his family. I got my stuff and everyone has their own stuff, but when you walk into the yard, it is go-time. You walk into the yard and you want to come out on top in the end.”


Don’t you just love David Freese? Let’s hope he can provide the Dodgers with some more postseason heroics, but this time, in the right uniform.

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