WATCH: Barry Bonds Hazes On-field Dave Roberts After Dodgers Sweep

All-time home run king Barry Bonds keeps a low profile nowadays. Still, he can be found at a ballpark near you for some marquee moments from time-to-time.

On Sunday, Bonds was at Oracle Park in San Francisco to watch the Dodgers defeat the Giants and end the regular season. Furthermore, many San Francisco Giants’ legends were on-hand for the final game of manager Bruce Bochy’s career.

Following the ballgame, they congregated on the field to properly send-off Bochy. While the send-off was taking place, Bonds had a little shenanigans for Dodgers’ manager Dave Roberts. Check out the video clip below:

Furthermore, Bonds grabs Roberts’ hat and flings it onto the outfield grass. Remember, these two were teammates in 2007 during Bonds’ final season in San Francisco. Therefore, this was simply some good-natured ribbing taking place following the game.

Still, and without anyone laughing; it’s worth debating who has had the better life in baseball. First, you have Bonds who retired with no fewer than then 762 big league home runs. He followed that up with an unsuccessful stint as the Miami Marlins’ hitting coach. Now, he mostly makes sparse appearances around the game such as this one; where if you blink you miss his presence altogether.

Then, you have Roberts. Surely, he’s less celebrated. However, he stole one of the most famous bags in the history of the game in 2004. Then he capped off a solid decade-long career player underneath a legend like Bochy, and alongside Bonds. Now, he has begun one of the most successful managerial tenures in the history of the game.

Finally, it’s good to see some fun and sportsmanship in sending off Bochy. Of course, Roberts’ squad no longer need needs to worry about avoiding the Giants in the postseason; if they ever were.

In closing on this one, congrats to Bruce Bochy on an incredible career.

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