Dodgers: Andrew Friedman’s Return Remains in Question

Despite not bringing Los Angeles a World Series — yet — Andrew Friedman remains one of the most elite executives in not just Major League Baseball, but in all of professional sports.

Since the Dodgers inked Friedman to a reported 5-year, $35 million contract to lead the Dodgers as president of baseball operations, the Dodgers have won the division in every season. They have made it to two World Series under his reign. While they haven’t brought home the elusive title, Friedman has certainly done his part. That comes without question.

He may receive his share of blame for playoff blowups, but that does not entirely fall on his shoulders. The Dodgers need him back.

In a recent column by Jorge Castillo of the Los Angeles Times, Castillo outlines the potential extension for Friedman and reasons it has yet to come into fruition.

Stan Kasten on Andrew Friedman

Dodgers president Stan Kasten has complete faith in Friedman as the potential of an extension — or departure — looms for Friedman’s future. Regardless, of whether or not a deal gets done, Friedman would be on the top of all 29 other MLB teams’ wish lists to boost their front offices.

“I love him, I think he’s done a great job, expect him to be here for a long time. That’s all I really can say about it.”

The fact that Kasten is displaying confidence that a deal gets done is good to hear, but it has to come into fruition for us to feel fully confident, obviously.

Dave Roberts on Potential Friedman Extension

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts has seemingly had a great working relationship with Andrew Friedman during his tenure and he demonstrated that he wants that relationship to continue:

“Everything I hear is [a new contract] is imminent, that it will get done. And, for me, that is very exciting and that would be my expectation as well. For me, there’s no better executive in the game.”

Andrew Friedman has accomplished everything imaginable with the Dodgers outside of the World Series title. He has produced homegrown talent, has led the Dodgers to a division title every season he has been here, and has simply done his job in above and beyond fashion.

“I would argue to say: Name an executive in his first five years in any organization that has accomplished what he’s accomplished. And we’re going to win a championship together. Andrew is the center of it all.”


Friedman needs that extension to keep doing what he has been doing. The Dodgers have one of the top-two front offices in baseball and it all starts with Friedman. Without him, the Dodgers are not where they are right now.

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