Dodgers Players Dress Up in Costumes on Travel Day

As promised, following the 1-0 win in San Diego to sweep the Padres; the Dodgers traveled to San Francisco in full costumes.

However – if you thought that the Dodgers would take this team event that included every staff member – you were wrong. Let’s take a look at what the team came up with.

Mike Levy as Ken Rosenthal

First up we have producer Mike Levy, who should now be a household name in costumers. Indeed, he cleans up as a better Ken Rosenthal then Ken himself some might argue.

Hyun-Jin Ryu as Ryu Shark

While Hyun-Jin Ryu has a shot at an NL Cy Young Award in a little over a month – he also has the opportunity to be the first pitcher to win that award in history and dress as a shark in the same season. Moreover – if you have kids – you will know this song even if you don’t know why this song exists. Still, it doesn’t matter when you see a video like this one.

Joe Kelly and Cody Bellinger as Lebron James’ Taco Tuesday

While I should have known Cody Bellinger wouldn’t simply go quietly into the night as Batman or Joker, I didn’t think he would put together something like this. Equally important, Joe Kelly plays a great co-star role here as the taco to ‘King James’ Taco Tuesday. Clearly, Bellinger follows Lebron James on Instagram and is a fan of the videos (look them up).

The Best of the Rest

Without question, someone is looking at these tonight and dying of laughter. For instance, check out my personal favorite Tony Gonsolin as Lieutenant Dan and Ross Stripling as Forrest Gump.

Furthermore, there’s plenty going on here. In general, I can’t stand clowns and I don’t know why. Still, does Dustin May not make for the most Pennywise you have ever seen in your life?

Jaime Jarrin as Mike Brito likely takes my second place, this is just great work. And Pedro Baez as Black Panther shows a lighter side of La Mula.

How about Dustin May one more time.

Finally, we end with the Dodgers getting off the team flight. One by one – they roll into San Francisco as something else and at the same time – exactly themselves.

Which costume was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t sell Rastafarian Rich Hill short.

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