Dodgers: Turner, Bellinger and More Compete in Blindfolded Competition

Remember when the Dodgers rookies took part in sharing secrets and answering odd questions? Now – via buzzfeed – we have another installment of that sort of thing. Moreover, this should be a fun one because it involves Cody Bellinger and food.

I am pretty certain Bellinger did a blindfold test of some kind on the big screen at Chavez Ravine. While he was handed a banana, and the host told him it was a banana; he still said it’s an olive or something to that effect.

On one team is the formidable trio of Bellinger, Walker Buehler, and Kenta Maeda. They’re given several combination items such as popcorn jalapeno pretzels. Click play on the video below to see Bellinger come up with mustard in all of that. Seriously, Cody? Mustard!

Team one – carried by the often pragmatic Buehler – compiles ten points. Then, team two which features veterans Kristopher Negron, Justin Turner, and Rich ‘Dick Mountain’ Hill takes the table.

Of course, Bellinger draws up a concoction of hamburger and skittles along with other assorted items. Obviously, if there was such a thing as a Belli-burger served in Los Angeles; it would contain those two items as staple ingredients.

Believe it or not, Negron was the star of the entire show. Somehow he manages to hit all six impossible ingredients on the disgusting burger that Bellinger ‘cooks’ up. Because of this, team two took the contest with 12 points. Equally important to the conversation is that if Bellinger had not included 100 children’s toppings; it would have been tougher for team two to win. However, such is life with Cody.

Overall, this was a really fun video to watch. Props to buzzfeed for continuing to give us a better look at the lighter side of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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