Dodgers: Dave Roberts Becomes Final MLB Manager Ejected in 2019

In the bottom of the 4th inning at Dodger Stadium, manager Dave Roberts was ejected from the game by home plate umpire Greg Gibson for arguing balls and strikes. Getting tossed came as a surprise to just about everyone in the ballpark and watching on TV.

It was Roberts’ first ejection of the 2019 season, and with that he also became the last MLB manager to get ejected this season.

It took game 154 for the fun-loving Roberts to get tossed by an umpire. Impressive. For what it’s worth, he was in the correct on his gripe.

After the ejection, Dave got his money’s worth, coming out onto the field and pleading his argument with Gibson for a couple minutes.

Doc gets a lot grief for his management of the team, but being the inspiration that he is, the team subsequently posted 6 more runs in a 7 run 4th inning.

Go get ’em, Dave.

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