Dodgers: Vin Scully’s First Ever Contract is Being Auctioned

Vin Scully’s first-ever contract is being auctioned. Scully signed that contract in 1949 when the Dodgers were still in Brooklyn. Dodger fans and sports fans will have an opportunity to bid on this unique memorabilia, of arguably the greatest voice in all of sports, on SCP auctions, per TMZ. The minimum bidding begins at $4,000, and the current bid is at $4,800, with 16 days to go. 

Scully was just 22-years old when he submitted his two-page letter to Branch Rickey, who, at the time, was the Brooklyn Dodgers President. From 1949, Scully began broadcasting for the team all the way until 2016 retirement.

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He changed the game of broadcasting, along with the great Chick Hearn in Los Angeles.

Some people watched Dodger games just to hear the voice of Scully. That’s what type of effect he had on the sports community. The broadcasting game has changed for the better due to Vin Scully’s greatness. He will always be remembered as the greatest voice in sports history, and go down as one of the greatest to ever to do it.

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