Dodgers News: Clayton Kershaw Talks About What Clinching A Division Title Means

Tonight could (and should) be the night. Indeed, the Los Angeles Dodgers are in Baltimore where they’re playing to clinch a seventh straight NL West division title. Along the way, there have been many up’s and down’s and every clinch has a little different flavor to it.

Meanwhile, I think we are all trying to put a flavor to this 2019 clinch. On one hand, it’s never a bad thing to wrap up your division crown in early September. Still, we all know there is more work to be done; and the members within the Dodger clubhouse would agree.

Now, Clayton Kershaw talks with Alanna Rizzo of SportsNet LA to talk about what it means to clinch another division title.

Equally important, Kershaw says you simply cannot take it for granted.

“It’s special. Any time you get to clinch a division – even though this is our seventh in a row – it’s a special thing. You can’t take it for granted. Obviously, like you said it’s not our main goal. We are trying to win the whole thing this year. But winning a division and getting to celebrate with your teammates, you have to enjoy it.”

Moreover, Rizzo asked Kershaw what it means to have so many division title piled up. Therefore, does it feel like wearing an old hat to the veteran left-hander?

“How special this organization is, that it’s the seventh year in a row we have the potential to clinch a division. Some guys, this very well could be their only opportunity. You never know, you might get traded or might not be on a team that wins. It doesn’t happen every single day, and I have played with guys who have never been on a team that clinched.”

Finally, Rizzo asked Kershaw what makes the 2019 Dodgers so special?

“Every year is different, and this year has been a lot of fun for me. Just embracing what we started here. We have a lot of talented guys who want to win that play well together.”

Currently, the Dodgers hold a 6-0 lead in Baltimore, and if things hold up; some champagne will be popped on the east coast at some point tonight.

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