Dodgers: Alex Verdugo Shut Down From All Baseball Acitivites

On Tuesday, you heard that the Los Angeles Dodgers have recalled Edwin Rios. Now, some news breaks that Alex Verdugo may be running out of time to get right before the regular season ends.

First, Bill Plunkett released a tweet announcing that Verdugo has been shut down from all baseball activities. Because of this, the Rios move was prompted.

Next, let’s remember that Verdugo’s progress was reported as ‘stalled’ just days ago. Of course, this was while Verdugo was rehabbing his back in Arizona.

Furthermore, Pedro Moura says on twitter that the Dodgers were prepared to bring Rios to Baltimore from ‘stay-hot’ camp in Camelback because of Verdugo’s lack of progress. Rios offers some pop from the left-handed side like Verdugo. Albeit, he’s not the difference maker on two sides of the ball that Volver is; but the Dodgers are just looking to replace the pop if they can.

Finally – any time you hear the words ‘shut down from baseball activities’ – it’s concerning. The Dodgers need Verdugo, but more importantly; they need him healthy to be able to make the impact he’s capable of making.

We have all seen that he can be a .300 bat and plus defender, but will be have time to get back to the lineup in time to be cleared for the playoff roster? Time will tell, and stay tuned as we have more on this story that is sure to develop over the coming days and weeks.

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