Dodgers Dave Roberts Identifies Key Issue to Team’s Recent Struggles

Despite sweeping the Colorado Rockies and having an off day to prep for the series versus the San Francisco Giants, the questions surrounding the Dodgers have been a dark cloud that has been lingering over the team for a few months now.

The team has gone 6-5 since the disappointing Yankees series in August with the starting pitching giving up only one shut out within that span. The sweep against the Rockies was a good sign and the day off on Thursday along with the series against the Giants was hopefully going to build momentum into the playoffs, but last night’s performance from Kershaw and the offense left many fans scratching their heads and tweeting their frustrations.

After last night’s game, Dave Roberts answered some questions about Kershaw’s frustrations last night, but it quickly turned into a big picture discussion about what has been the key to their success this year:

“Tonight, I don’t think he [Kershaw] was sharp. There was no consistent feel with the fastball . . . locating it. Tonight, I could see his frustration early!”

“A lot of our momentum all year long has been starting pitching. . . . That gives you a chance to win on a nightly basis. If you look back the last two weeks, the common factor is that our starts haven’t been consistent.”

When asked about all the tinkering he’s been doing with the rotation the past few weeks and how that may have an affect on the rotation:

” I don’t because if you look at the 3 guys – Clayton, Walker and Hyun-Jin – we’ve been very consistent with those guys. We’ve kind of mixed guys in there as far as trying to build in some rest”

There are a lot of other questions that need to be answered, but it seems like the Dodgers are trying their best to address each of them as we approach the end of the season. Yesterday, the Dodgers said Will Smith’s issues at the plate have been fixed, Ryu will be skipping a start and Rich Hill might be coming back.

Let us know how you’re feeling about the momentum we’re building into the playoffs.

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