Giants Manager Bruce Bochy Prepared for Dodgers Clinching

The San Francisco Giants are coming into town and will most likely competing completely on pride, as they have fell out of play off contention by losing the last 12 out of their last 16 games.

The Giants will be coming off a 10-0 loss to the St. Louis Cardinals, so you know there is even more motivation, similar to the Yankees coming into the Ravine after getting swept by the Athletics.

You probably wish the Giants weren’t doing so poorly, so they could give their fans a show in this weekend’s matchup versus the Dodgers and renew a relatively boring chapter in the two franchise’s storied rivalry.

Instead, the Dodgers are competing for the best record in all of baseball, their magic number is four and have about a hundred other things to worry about (starting pitching, injuries, bullpen, playoff prep, etc) than the Giants.

Do the Giants have enough to prevent the Dodgers from clinching this weekend?

“I’m not even thinking about that,” Bochy said. “(It is) inevitable so there’s no point in thinking about it.” – Bruce Bochy, SF Chronicle

Bochy is trying to keep things in perspective and knowing that the Giants are just rolling out prospects right now, let’s just hope the Dodgers don’t fall asleep and forget that they have a post-season to get ready for.


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