Kawhi Leonard Reacts to Russell Westbrook’s Time on Clippers

Kawhi Leonard is overall happy with how Russell Westbrook has played.

The Clippers may be 0-3 in the Russell Westbrook era, but Kawhi Leonard is happy with what he’s seen from the point guard.

After the Clippers disappointingly lost to the Minnesota Timberwolves on Tuesday night, Kawhi Leonard was asked by the media what he thought about Westbrook’s performance in the three games he’s played.

“I think he’s doing a good job,” Leonard said of Westbrook. “He’s playing both ends of the floor, running and getting us the ball in our spots, being aggressive in his moments, knocking down shots, getting to the paint, kicking out, so he’s playing good.”

Russell Westbrook has done everything the Clippers have asked of him within three games. He’s hit clutch shots in overtime, and also not played a fourth quarter entirely. Unfortunately, for one reason or another, the Clippers just haven’t won those games. Whether it’s from a plethora of team turnovers, missed defensive assignments, or someone failing to get a rebound. Fans want to blame Marcus Morris, but he didn’t even play in the fourth quarter or overtime against the Sacramento Kings. Fans want to blame Russell Westbrook, but he didn’t even play in the fourth quarter or overtime against the Denver Nuggets.

The LA Clippers only have 18 games left. This team has to figure out how to win, because they’re losing on the margins and there’s very little time left.

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