Paul George Reveals Honest Answer About Being a Superstar

Paul George gave a very shocking answer about being a number one option

Paul George was a guest on JJ Redicks’ “The Old Man and the Three” podcast where he revealed a very shocking answer about being the best player on a championship team.

“I had to be honest to myself,” George said. “In order for me to win at the highest level or get to where I want to get to. I don’t think I’m the 1 guy. I can. I can score with the best. I can take over games with the best. But I honestly think that’s what my game is if I want to win a championship, I don’t think that’s where my place is if I want to win a championship. And I felt like I learned that. I played my best being off the ball. Being, you know, the second fiddle.”

While it’s a very candid and open answer from Paul George, it’s very shocking purely because he’s a max contract player. He’s getting paid more money than Kawhi Leonard on the Clippers. His job is to be a number one option for the Clippers, and many times this season, he’s failed at even being a number two in the clutch. The turnovers and poor shot selection have all attributed to the Clippers’ failures this season. One can blame it on the lack of health, but they’re beyond that now, they’re losing games to a struggling Minnesota Timberwolves team with both Kawhi Leonard and Paul George in the starting lineup.

Paul George has to be better for the Clippers to succeed this season – that starts with beating the Golden State Warriors on Thursday.

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