Lakers Coach Darvin Ham Reacts to Russell Westbrook Joining LA Clippers

Darvin Ham had a very serious answer about Russell Westbrook

Darvin Ham and Russell Westbrook didn’t always see eye-to-eye when Westbrook was on the Lakers. The two had arguments about his playing time, coming off the bench, and numerous issues. Regardless, Ham had positive words to say about Westbrook once he signed with the LA Clippers.

“Well, I’ll just say this: I appreciate Russ for everything he tried to do for us, for sacrificing, complying with my vision of him coming off the bench and having a more balanced lineup,” Ham said. “I wish him well going forward, and that’s it.”

Simply speaking, it seems like Darvin Ham didn’t want to talk too much about Westbrook being on the Clippers. While Ham appreciated and coached Westbrook, the Clippers are his competition and he doesn’t want to talk about them. The Lakers were fortunate enough to receive a massive haul for Westbrook that now makes the team even more competitive than they were before.

Now, both the LA Clippers and Los Angeles Clippers are trying to survive a gauntlet to make the playoffs after the All-Star break. The Clippers are currently the 4th seed, that’s only one game behind the 3rd seed and two games ahead of the 7th seed. The Los Angeles Lakers are currently the 13th seed that’s only two games out of the 10th seed and three games out of the 7th seed. The sprint begins now.

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