Video: John Wall Recreates His Iconic Dougie Dance Again

It was a happy moment for all NBA fans, not just Clipper fans.

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John Wall and the Dougie are an iconic pairing that NBA fans have never ever forgotten about. In 2010, Wall danced to the Dougie during his NBA debut in a preseason game. On October 6, 2022, he finally did it again.

AllClippers was at the LA Clippers’ open practice at the USC Galen Center where the team was having a dance break in the middle of practice. Jason Preston and some of the rookies were dancing, but then DJ Dense suddenly decided to play the Dougie. Preston and the rookies immediately started pointing to John Wall to teach them how to do the dance, and Wall delivered.

Wall started breaking out his iconic dance move and the entire arena erupted in applause. Even Kawhi Leonard started trying to do the move in the background and let out a huge smile. It was a really great moment to see Wall dancing and smiling after he revealed just how hard of a time he went through recently. For a human being to go through thoughts of suicidal depression to have a moment of pure happiness is just a beautiful thing to see that everyone can appreciate.

The clip of John Wall doing the Dougie again went insanely viral, reaching over a million views in under 24 hours. NBA fans around the world loved seeing the moment recreated, and it was something that went beyond just Clipper fans. Hopefully, there are more iconic moments of John Wall to come during this 2022-23 NBA season.

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