Patrick Beverley Hints That Beef With Russell Westbrook is Over

The former Clippers’ greatest rivarly may now be a friend.

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There were very few people in the NBA who hated each other as much as Patrick Beverley and Russell Westbrook. After years of animosity, it looks like the beef between the two may be finally over.

The NBA world was shocked when the former heart of the Clippers, Patrick Beverley, was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers. Beverley had not only spent years talking trash on the Lakers, but especially on Russell Westbrook. The biggest question on everyone’s minds is how Patrick Beverley and Russell Westbrook would coexist.

One of the first things Patrick Beverley did when becoming a Laker was go on Twitter and show his support for Russell Westbrook. LeBron James tweeted that he “couldn’t wait” for Russell Westbrook to “go off this season!” Beverley chimed in and said one simple thing.

“Same it’s on,” Beverley said.

It’s hard to insinuate too much from such a simple tweet, but it’s very clear that Beverley is trying to put his beef with Westbrook behind him. There have been increasing reports that Beverley getting traded to the Lakers may be showing that the team is becoming more likely to trade Westbrook, so this could all be nothing and completely for show. Regardless, it’s a situation that very little in the NBA could ever believe is happening.

For a full summary of Patrick Beverley and Russell Westbrook’s beef, here is a fantastic video created by SBNation. Their rivalry goes as far back as when Beverley was a Rocket and Westbrook was a Thunder. It continued to even last season when Beverley was a Timberwolf and Westbrook was a Laker.

As fascinating as it would be to see Beverley and Westbrook finally play together, it would be very entertaining to see the two on different teams again before they could make amends. One thing is certain though, Beverley is set to face his former Clipper teammates during his home opener on October 20.

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