Kawhi Leonard Hilariously Judges Dunk Content

LA Clippers star Kawhi Leonard judged a dunk contest alongside Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler

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Kawhi Leonard may not be known for his dunking, but the superstar forward has an underrated collection of poster dunks throughout his career. Many of those have come with the Clippers, and fans are certainly excited to see him get back to that in a couple months. In the meantime, Kawhi is serving as a dunk contest judge.

In a video posted to Twitter by Bleacher Report, Kawhi could be seen alongside Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler at a dunk contest. No matter how impressive a dunk was, Kawhi would not give out a perfect score. Repeatedly handing out 9’s, the star forward needed to see a little bit more to hand out a perfect ten.

It is apparently not easy to impress Kawhi Leonard, as none of the dunkers could show what he was looking for. Kawhi’s hilarious approach to this event is not unlike how he operates in the court, with a stoic and emotionless demeanor. While that may be how he presents himself, those around him know that he is indeed a fun guy.

Clippers G/F Terance Mann recently spoke about that very topic, when he admitted that Kawhi’s emotionless persona is more for the cameras than anything else. Mann said that Kawhi is laughing more often than not off camera, but with the video rolling at this dunk contest, it was more stoicism and consistent 9’s from Kawhi Leonard.

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