Ty Lue Reveals Plan For Managing Clippers’ Depth

The LA Clippers are incredibly deep, but how will Ty Lue manage this much depth?

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The LA Clippers boast arguably the deepest roster in the NBA; however, some have argued that they may have too much depth. With several players deserving of minutes, there are only so many spots in the rotation to fill. With some players who would be starters on other teams at risk of falling out of the rotation on the Clippers, does the team have too much depth? Head coach Ty Lue doesn’t think so.

In an exclusive interview with Tomer Azarly of ClutchPoints, Lue said, “Everybody’s not gonna play, and we understand that. Guys have to stay ready, continue to get their work in, but also, just faced with the injuries that we’ve had over the seasons, we need our depth and so knock on wood that we’re able to go through the season without any significant injuries that would put guys out for the season, but we need our depth. We know guys are getting older, so we’re gonna rest guys a lot of games and making sure we’re feeling good going down the stretch getting ready for them ready for the playoffs.”

With multiple veterans on the roster, several of which have recent injury history, an abundance of depth will allow Ty Lue and the Clippers to effectively manage their veterans throughout the season. This point seems to get lost on many who look at the team’s roster on paper. It becomes even more relevant looking at Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, the team’s two superstars who both have missed significant time recently.

While a world without injury concerns would see multiple players on the Clippers without a significant role, the ability to use depth as a weapon against injuries and fatigue is something Ty Lue is prepared to do.

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