John Wall Reveals Mentoring Relationship With Rich Paul

John Wall really looks up to Rich Paul.

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Rich Paul and Klutch Sports may have different reputations depending on who you talk to, but one that’s for certain is that players around the league appreciate Rich Paul.

John Wall was a guest on HBCUGO where he discussed what his relationship is like with his agent Rich Paul.

“I’ll say this about my agent, the way he came into the game as a black African American guy to be an agent, and be the best agent in the game, he’ll mentor you, try to teach you things that a lot of people won’t,” John Wall said. “A lot of people knock him off for what he do and say he’s not special, but I feel like he’s a great guy at what he do. He mentors us, try to help me in multiple ways outside of basketball.”

Rich Paul has definitely taken the NBA world by storm in the last decade. From being a relatively unknown name to now having some of the biggest names in all of sports. He wasn’t the first to do it, as their big names before him like Bill Duffy. The manner in which Paul has created his empire was a very different trailblazing path. Regardless of how Clipper fans may feel about him, he helped facilitate getting John Wall to the Clippers at a very cheap price.

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