Top 10 NBA Jersey Sales in UK Revealed

There are two Clippers in the list.

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Throughout the years, the NBA has transformed into a global sport. The fact that the last four NBA MVP winners are from international countries should be proof enough.

The NBA UK Twitter account released the top 10 selling jerseys in England and the results are somewhat surprising.

1) LeBron James
2) Stephen Curry
3) Jimmy Butler
4) Luka Doncic
5) Giannis Antetokounmpo
6) Ja Morant
7) Tyler Herro
8) Joel Embiid
9) Paul George
10) Kawhi Leonard

It shouldn’t be any surprise that LeBron James and Stephen Curry are leading the way with the top two spots. It is a bit surprising to see how popular both Jimmy Butler, Tyler Herro, and the Miami Heat are in general in the country. It’s also worth noting that the Clippers seem even higher in this list than they are in the top 10 American jersey sales. It’s also a bit shocking to see Kevin Durant nor Jayson Tatum make the list at all.

If there are two players who defined the last decade of basketball, it’s LeBron James and Steph Curry. They have more championship rings than any other players, and their global popularity proves just how iconic they are. There’s been some Kawhi Leonard sprinkled in that decade as well. It’ll be interesting to see who takes that mantle during the next decade. Giannis Antetokounmpo seems to already be the one who is ready to take that next step.

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