Paul George and Lou Williams Give Patrick Beverley Happy Birthday Messages

The Clippers still have love for Patrick Beverley

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The bond between the Clippers goes deep. Both former and current players like Lou Williams and Paul George went out of their way to give Patrick Beverley birthday messages.

“A lot of ppl you meet in this business turn into fake friendships”, Williams said. Get traded and never speak again. I see this fool now more than ever lol HAPPY BDAY MY BROTHER.” Additionally, Marcus Morris liked the message.

“GANG,” Paul George said. “Go up my boy HBD”. Paul George gave his message while he was celebrating his wedding in Italy.

Even though Patrick Beverley went out of his way to disparage the Clippers after defeating LA in the play-in tournament, it clearly created no hard feelings between the players. It’s really nice to see just how strong the chemistry has been between the Clippers over the last few seasons. Regardless of whether or not players are still on the same team, they all still support each other. 

It seems very clear that if Patrick Beverley ever considered a return to the LA Clippers, the team would welcome him back with open arms. Whether or not Patrick Beverley remains in Utah is up in the air, which is something he addressed personally himself. If he does get bought out, one can expect that almost every contender would love to have him. For now, Patrick Beverley is just enjoying life and his birthday.

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