Clippers News: Patrick Beverley Speaks About The NBA’s Lack Of Communication

Los Angeles Clippers point guard, Patrick Beverley, said he has not been attending the Clippers training facility.

Last night, Beverley mentioned that he would not attend the facility until he receives more information about the NBA’s plan on keeping the players safe. He added that he’s confident the Clippers’ practice facilities are the “cleanest place in L.A.”

In an interview on ESPN with Scott Van Pelt, Beverley said:

“I’m eager to play, ready to play, excited to play. I just want things to kinda calm down a little bit more and kinda go back to normal before we get to jumping in cold tubs, hot tubs, laundry being done, and all that type of stuff. I wanna be prepared. It’s not for my health, but for the people I interact with, friends and family.”

Beverley also expressed some frustration with the way the NBA has communicated with the players. He said it’s sad that he’s been finding out updates about the NBA’s plans to return from Twitter rather than from the league itself. Beverley added:

“Let us know. Don’t just string us along…If the NBA’s starting, if the NBA’s finished, just let us know. I challenge the NBA. We put blood, sweat, and tears for this league, and we feel there should be a certain amount of respect that we should be knowing what’s going on.”

The Clippers are 5.5 games behind the Lakers for first place at the Western Conference, and Beverley let Scott Van Pelt know he’s staying prepared for the NBA season to resume, but he’s also taking the right steps to keep his family safe.

The NBA playoffs could take place at the end of July.

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