NBA News: League Prepping To Have Games Resume Soon?

For over a month now there has been a halt in major sports in America due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Stadiums and arenas that would normally have been packed right now with fans screaming in excitement sit dormant. Absolutely no one saw anything like this coming. A void has been sitting in players and fans hearts for some while now. Could that all change within the upcoming weeks?

According to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, the NBA could be looking to get things started back up soon.

They’re spending a lot of time getting a back-to-basketball plan ready. They hope they get to use it.

In talking to executives and trainers around the league, what they’re looking at is a 25-day return to basketball window. … An 11-day series of individual workouts, whether it be social distancing for a period of time. And then hopefully, if the clearance comes that they can play five-on-five basketball, a 14-day training camp.

So as you hope for the country to heal and the virus to get better, look for at least about a three-and-a-half to four-week return date before you’d ever get back to games.

It is still hard to believe that the season has not seen an NBA game since March 10th. With players that have been out for 8 weeks, another question is if the players will be in shape in time for a proposed start up as well.

With all the ideas floating around on where exactly the season should resume at (if at all), what condition and restrictions can teams be put in? The timetable of a 25-day window seems out of reach, especially with all the continued issues that this virus has brought upon us. Social distancing, sped up testing for players to be cleared in regards of the virus is another far fetched idea seeing as restrictions have yet to be lifted.

In all, the fans miss the sport and so do the players. When the time is right, the game will be back. The country is seeing a small light at the end of the tunnel and basketball will make it’s glorious return.


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