Controversial No-Call: Justin Herbert Takes a Late Hit in Chargers’ Loss to Ravens

Fans React to the Questionable Officiating in the Chargers' Game Against the Ravens

In the Los Angeles Chargers’ loss to the Baltimore Ravens last week, a peculiar play unfolded in the Bolts’ initial series, one that left fans and pundits alike buzzing with opinions. As they advanced down the field, quarterback Justin Herbert absorbed a substantial hit from Ravens defender Geno Stone.

It appeared to many observers that this hit was both late and out of bounds, a situation typically meriting the swift intervention of a yellow flag from the officiating crew. However, on this occasion, the referees opted to keep their whistles silent, allowing the play to continue unhindered.

Key Takeaways:

The officiating in the NFL has remained a contentious issue throughout the season, leading to widespread criticism and debates among fans and experts alike. The incident involving Justin Herbert’s late hit against the Ravens only served to exacerbate the ongoing frustration.

In the aftermath of the play, fans took to social media and various forums to voice their displeasure with the officials’ decision. The prevailing sentiment was that the hit on Herbert was indeed late, and it should have unquestionably drawn a penalty flag. Such a penalty would have awarded the Chargers a fresh set of downs, opening up the possibility of a different game outcome.

The incident triggered a significant wave of backlash, leaving fans dissatisfied. In an era where quarterbacks typically receive heightened protection, the decision not to penalize the late hit on Justin Herbert raised eyebrows. While Referee Alan Eck attempted to clarify the call, questions still linger about its accuracy.

“So, the ruling on the field was that the quarterback was trying to gain yardage. While he was still in bounds, the defender committed to the tackle,” Eck said, via Joe Reedy. “And as his foot landed out of bounds, the defender made contact. So, since the defender already committed to the tackle while the quarterback was in bounds, it was deemed a legal hit.”

Per Alan Eck via ClutchPoints

Despite the questionable officiating, the Chargers also recognize that they need to elevate their performance levels consistently. While contentious calls can sway the momentum of a game, ultimately, a team’s success relies on its ability to execute on both sides of the ball.

As the Chargers move forward, they will undoubtedly be hoping for more equitable officiating in their future games. However, they understand that they must control what they can on the field and aim to put forth their best performance, regardless of external factors.

The incident involving Justin Herbert’s late hit is just one of many examples highlighting the challenges faced by NFL officials and the impact such decisions can have on the game’s outcome. As the season progresses, fans will continue to scrutinize officiating calls, and debates will persist, shaping the narrative of each game played in the league.

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