Justin Herbert Takes Responsibility for Chargers’ Disappointing Loss to Dallas

Chargers' quarterback Justin Herbert shoulders blame for Week 6 defeat, promising to improve.

In a Week 6 showdown against the Dallas Cowboys, the Los Angeles Chargers fell short of victory in a game that saw numerous contributing factors. However, it was quarterback Justin Herbert who found himself shouldering a significant portion of the blame for the Chargers’ disappointing finish.

The former Oregon superstar sealed the game’s fate with a late interception, leaving LA with just over a minute to mount a comeback and no timeouts in their arsenal. While it’s important to note that the entire Chargers roster played a role in the Week 6 loss, Herbert didn’t hesitate to put the onus on himself to perform better moving forward.

Key Takeaways:

  • Justin Herbert’s late interception proved to be a turning point in the game.
  • Despite a collective effort, Herbert took responsibility for the team’s performance.
  • The Chargers faced difficulties in executing crucial plays throughout the game.

Dan Quinn, the former defensive coordinator for the Cowboys, managed to outduel his former co-coordinator, Kellen Moore, as Moore’s offensive unit struggled in critical moments of the game. LA showed promise by reaching the red zone early in the first half, but they failed to convert on a fourth down with just one yard to go. This missed opportunity left three points on the board, and Dallas eventually capitalized by scoring a touchdown later in the quarter.

Trailing by seven points, Herbert had a golden opportunity to narrow the deficit when he found Keenan Allen wide open after a stellar route that left cornerback Daron Bland in the dust. Unfortunately, Herbert’s pass sailed off target, ultimately proving costly in the Chargers’ three-point loss.

While Herbert’s game-ending interception will be the focal point of discussion, it’s crucial to acknowledge that penalties, questionable coaching decisions, and defensive breakdowns during Dallas’ final drive also played their part in the Chargers’ sub-.500 start to the 2023 season.

“They’ve got a really good front seven,” Herbert said after the defeat, via the official transcript. “I thought our offensive line battled and they did a great job upfront. Unfortunately, we fell short. I have to make more plays as a quarterback. I think we can do a lot better on offense,” Herbert said. “Especially at quarterback, I can play a lot better. I thought the defense came up with some big stops today. Held them when we needed them to. It’s on us as an offense.”

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As the Chargers reflect on their Week 6 defeat and look ahead to future matchups, Justin Herbert’s determination to take responsibility for his performance stands as a promising sign for LA fans. The young quarterback’s commitment to improvement could be the key to turning the team’s fortunes around in the coming weeks.

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