Keenan Allen’s Fantasy Surge: Chargers Star Making Waves

Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen's impressive start to the season has made him a fantasy football standout.

In a season that has seen many ups and downs, one constant remains for fantasy football enthusiasts: Keenan Allen’s exceptional performance. The Chargers’ star wide receiver is off to a blazing start, solidifying his position as a top fantasy performer.

Key Takeaways:

  • Keenan Allen ranks 2nd in points-per-game among wide receivers, outshining NFL stars like A.J. Brown, Davante Adams, Justin Jefferson, and JaMarr Chase.
  • Two significant factors have fueled Allen’s success this season: the addition of Kellen Moore to the coaching staff and the improved health of quarterback Justin Herbert.
  • Despite Justin Herbert’s previous injuries, Allen maintained his productivity. With Herbert now healthier, Allen’s prospects have only improved, thanks to better accuracy, mobility, and protection from opposing defensive lines.
  • In the absence of the injured Mike Williams and no clear replacement plan, Allen is expected to continue receiving a high volume of targets, thanks to his excellent route-running and reliability in the Chargers’ elite offense.
  • While Allen’s fantasy production may not sustain its current level, it’s unlikely to see a significant drop unless injuries strike. Drafted on average in the early 40s, Allen has been a remarkable steal, with a strong chance of finishing the season as a top-15 fantasy asset.

Chargers star Keenan Allen has become a fantasy football sensation this season, surpassing even the loftiest expectations. Currently ranking as the second-highest points-per-game wide receiver in the league, Allen has outperformed some of the NFL’s most renowned names, including A.J. Brown, Davante Adams, Justin Jefferson, and JaMarr Chase.

One of the driving forces behind Allen’s outstanding performance is the recent addition of Kellen Moore to the Chargers’ coaching staff. This strategic move has had a profound impact on Allen’s production, which we previously covered in detail [link to previous article]. However, it’s not just the coaching change that’s propelling Allen to new heights.

A major factor contributing to Allen’s success this season is the improved health of quarterback Justin Herbert. Last season, Herbert played through shoulder and rib injuries, yet Allen remained highly productive. Now, with Herbert in better shape, his throws are more accurate, his mobility is enhanced, and he can navigate the pocket more effectively, enabling him to connect with Allen even under the pressure of opposing defenses.

Looking ahead, Allen’s future remains bright, especially with the injury sidelining Mike Williams and no apparent plan to replace him. Allen’s exceptional route-running skills, coupled with his reliability in the short and intermediate field, make him a trustworthy three-down receiver in an elite Chargers offense.

While it’s improbable that Allen will maintain his current fantasy production throughout the season, barring any injuries to him or Herbert, he is on track to be one of the standout steals of the early fantasy drafts. With an average draft position in the early 40s before the season commenced, he has a genuine chance of finishing this campaign as a top-15 fantasy asset, making him a must-have player for any fantasy football team.

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