Austin Ekeler’s Status Uncertain for Week 4 Clash with Raiders

Los Angeles Chargers Await Star Running Back's Recovery Update

In preparation for their upcoming Week 4 showdown with the Las Vegas Raiders, the Los Angeles Chargers find themselves in a state of uncertainty regarding the status of their star running back, Austin Ekeler. Ekeler, who sustained an ankle injury during the team’s season opener against the Miami Dolphins, has been absent from the last two games.

Despite the ongoing suspense, Ekeler recently offered a glimmer of hope by actively participating in limited drills during Wednesday’s practice session. While this development doesn’t guarantee his return on Sunday, it certainly bodes well for his ongoing recovery.

The Chargers’ coaching staff and medical team are taking a cautious approach in their decision-making. They are steadfast in their commitment to ensuring Ekeler is fully prepared to take the field once again. Rushing his return poses the risk of exacerbating the injury, potentially sidelining him for an extended period—an outcome they are keen to avoid.

“Just making sure it’s secure,” Ekeler said of what he accomplished in Wednesday’s practice. “Running around a little bit, get a workout in, do some straight ahead stuff, do some curve running, do some cuts. That seemed to go well, now let’s take the next step.”

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Consequently, Ekeler will only be cleared to play if he can demonstrate his ability to withstand the rigors of a game. The team is eager to see him back in action, particularly given the noticeable decline in the Chargers’ rushing attack in his absence. The possibility of Ekeler’s return is a source of optimism for the team.

The looming question remains whether Ekeler will make his comeback in the Week 4 clash with the Raiders. The Chargers, considering their long-term prospects, may choose to exercise caution and hold him out for one more game. This strategy would allow Ekeler the additional week to recuperate during the upcoming bye week—a decision driven by the team’s desire to have him in peak condition moving forward.

“I’m not at a point where I’ve gone out there and tried to push it 100 percent yet,” Ekeler said. “That’s now how the process works. You continue to build yourself back. It’s kind of like climbing the stairs. You’re not just going to jump straight to the top stair and tell me, ‘Oh yeah I can make it there.’ You kind of go one by one, a progression towards going 100 percent.”

Per The Athletic

As the Chargers prepare for a critical matchup against the Raiders, Austin Ekeler’s status remains shrouded in uncertainty. The team’s approach to his recovery underscores their commitment to his well-being and the importance of his role in their future success. Chargers fans eagerly await the final word on Ekeler’s availability for the upcoming game, recognizing the significant impact his return could have on the team’s fortunes.

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