NFL Season Shockers: Chargers in Disarray as McNabb Labels Them Most Disappointing Team

Former NFL Quarterback McNabb Criticizes Chargers' Early-Season Struggles

In the opening weeks of the new NFL season, unexpected twists and disappointments have taken center stage. Some teams have surged, surprising many observers, while others have stumbled out of the gate, defying preseason expectations.

Notably, the Los Angeles Chargers, along with the Cincinnati Bengals and a few others, have fallen short of early-season hopes. Despite these disheartening beginnings, it’s worth remembering that the season remains in its infancy, leaving ample room for redemption, even in the face of historical challenges.

The Chargers, in particular, find themselves in a perplexing situation, having lost two games they seemed well poised to win. The frustration deepens as they squandered opportunities for victory that were well within reach.

In a recent podcast debut, former NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb, host of “The Five Spot with Donovan McNabb,” offered his candid assessment of the Chargers’ season thus far. McNabb unreservedly branded them as the most disappointing team in the league, a sentiment echoed by Senior NFL Writer Armando Salguero on the show. Salguero even ventured to assert that the team was squandering the immense talent of their quarterback, Justin Herbert.

“They are wasting Justin Herbert,” he said of the San Diego Los Angeles Chargers. “Their coach, Brandon Staley. I mean, I didn’t think I didn’t think he could do any worse than blowing that 27-7 halftime lead in the playoffs last year (against the Jaguars), And here he is at the start of this season, and he’s doing worse.”

Per Armando Salguero of

McNabb’s alignment with this viewpoint extended to head coach Brandon Staley, as he added his criticisms to the growing chorus. Across the football industry, this narrative has gained traction. Staley commenced the season already seated on the hot seat, and unfortunately, his performance has done little to bolster his position.

“You would think that they would kind of run a little bit more ball control and take shots downfield,” McNabb said. “But it seemed like they were just trying to run the ball, run the ball, run the ball with play action. Is it more of Kellen Moore trying to get adjusted to Justin? Or is it just Brandon Staley just continuing to mess things up?”

Per The Five Spot with Donovan McNabb

At times, Staley appears overwhelmed, a concerning sight for a coach leading a team with Super Bowl aspirations. The Chargers had hoped that another year under Staley’s leadership would yield improvements, but the early results suggest the opposite.

The clock is ticking on Staley’s tenure as head coach of the Chargers, and even the talents of Justin Herbert may not suffice to salvage his job if the current trajectory persists. Staley cannot shoulder all the blame for the Chargers’ struggles, but his efforts to rectify the situation thus far have fallen short of expectations. The future looks uncertain for the Chargers, and the pressure is mounting on their embattled coach.

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