Chargers’ Late-Game Struggles Raise Questions About Justin Herbert’s Elite Status

Kellen Moore's System Faces Challenges as Chargers Grapple with Late-Game Woes

In the ever-competitive world of the NFL, the Los Angeles Chargers find themselves caught in a familiar and frustrating narrative. Despite high expectations and an explosive preseason reputation, the Chargers, under Kellen Moore’s system, continue to grapple with late-game struggles that have raised eyebrows around the league.

Over the past weekend, the issue reared its ugly head once again, leaving fans and analysts alike questioning the true skill level of their star quarterback, Justin Herbert, in comparison to the NFL’s elite.

In a shocking turn of events, the Chargers went three and out in two consecutive games, a streak that has left them winless when they could arguably be sitting at a comfortable 2-0. The inability to close out games has become a recurring theme for the franchise, casting a cloud of uncertainty over the young quarterback’s prowess.

Debates are raging within the football community about the extent to which Justin Herbert is to blame for the Chargers’ late-game woes. While it’s undeniable that he had a lackluster performance this past weekend, failing to generate even a single positive chunk play, it’s essential to consider the broader context.

Brandon Staley, the head coach entrusted with leading the team to victory, has yet to deliver the kind of results expected from a roster brimming with dynamic and talented players. Despite the potential of the Chargers’ squad, their performance under Staley’s tenure has often been described as mediocre at best.

The Chargers got inside the Titans’ 10-yard line but couldn’t score a touchdown. Herbert was sacked on a third-and-3 play at Tennessee’s 7-yard line, a loss of 8 yards. After a timeout with three seconds remaining in regulation, Cameron Dicker tied it at 24-24 with a 33-yard field goal with no time left. Equally mystifying was their inability to gain an inch on their one and only possession in overtime Sunday against the Titans. Three quick misfires from quarterback Justin Herbert and the Chargers’ offense was back on the sideline, watching the Titans drive for Nick Folk’s winning 41-yard field goal. So far this season, he has come up with two credible performances. Overall, he’s completed 50 of 74 passes for 534 yards and three touchdowns with zero interceptions. It’s the incredible part that’s been missing.

via Elliot Teaford, OC Register

As the Chargers struggle to find their footing and the clock continues to tick, there is growing speculation that Brandon Staley’s days on the sidelines may be numbered if the team’s overall performance doesn’t improve. The question lingers: Is Justin Herbert’s inability to shine in late-game situations solely responsible for the Chargers’ woes, or is the coaching staff also accountable?

In the unforgiving world of the NFL, where every game counts, the Chargers must swiftly address their late-game issues and find a way to capitalize on their considerable potential. Until then, the debate over Justin Herbert’s elite status among NFL quarterbacks will remain a hot topic in the league’s headlines.

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